Ways to combine Finances With Your Spouse

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1. Combine Everything
This options means that both partners put their money into a joint account and include each other as owners of investments and savings accounts. They both have joint debit and credit cards and everything they spend come out of their join checking account.

2. Combine everything in a joint account except for a specific amount that goes into each separate persons individual account
This option means that all of the money you both earn goes into a joint account except for a certain amount or percentage that you both agree upon gets put into each of your individual accounts.

3. Combine an equal dollar amount into a joint account and put the rest into individual accounts.
This means that both people will put a specific amount into the account regardless of the persons income. This might seem unfair to the person who makes less because a higher percentage of their income will be put into the account compared to the person who makes more.

4. Keep Everything Separate
This means that you both keep your finances completely separate and you have each individual accounts that you put your money into. Paying for monthly bills means that you split them and take the necessary amount of money out of your accounts to pay for your bills.

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