What Can I Do My Romantic Light Is Fading Away

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1-Why do I not feel romantic:

If you question your own feelings toward your spouse, it is time to slow down and ask yourself what has changed in you. Many times we fall under pressure and give priority to all the things around us, and forget about our spouse. Begin by changing your focus and soon you will be able to bring back the romance!

2-It is better to give than to receive:

Have you noticed that when you go on shopping sprees, your bags end up filled with for “me” only items? It is because you decided to stop giving but still want to receive. Turn this around by including your spouse in your shopping list at all times.

3-You want to be cared for:

If you want to be better cared for, then start by doing it yourself. Most people never realize, that this is the first and most important step. Next be more supportive, and listen to what your significant other has to say. Eventually you will begin to receive all of the love and caring you need.

4-When your spouse talks listen:

Are you the one not listening? Do you never stop talking about yourself, after your spouse arrives from work? Remember to listen, and show interest in your spouse affairs. We as humans have a need to be heard, therefore make sure you are really listening.

5-Who always gets what they want:

Why should you turn this around as soon as possible? Because it is not rocket science, being selfish will lead to a destructive relationship. Learn to be accommodating with one another and practice doing things which both of you will enjoy together.

6-Be a good influence:

Couples must be a good influence to one another, and find ways to succeed in the various aspects of life. Also be supportive of each other, and love freely to experience a romantic and everlasting relationship.

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