What Is Healthier a Hamburger Or a Salad?

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I very often hear people talk about healthy food in the weirdest ways. Sure the term healthy is pretty subjective and can be meant to mean slightly different things. But for example some people might say that a pizza or a hamburger is really unhealthy food and not good for you. But if you take a hamburger, it’s just bread, meat, vegetables, cheese and some dressing. What’s the difference if you decide to add to your salad, and also eat some bread?

Very much lies in the psychology of the words and what they mean to people. For sure there are much more calories in a hamburger or pizza, but that doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy. For example a big guy that trains a lot needs a large amount of calories. But sure if the meat and bread of the hamburger is done with a big amount of unnatural chemicals than it’s not good, but the salad might contain these to! The important point here is that:

There is not much of a difference “natural” made hamburger or salad; it’s just the fact that they contain a different amount of calories. But still, many people just think “unhealthy” when they hear the word hamburger. Newsflash! A cheap salad from a supermarket contains more bad chemicals than a hamburger made at home.

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