Your Child Admires You

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There’s just something about moms. Your children couldn’t live without you. You have an impact on your children’s lives like no one ever will and here are a few ways that you rally are the superheroes.

You Know Everything
As your children grow up, you are the one that knows everything about anything. They seek guidance from your knowledge and always will even when they get older. You’ve been through it and are by their side every step of the way. They can ask you anything and you have the answer to their question.

You Are The Best Cook
You are their personal chef. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are always served with snacks in between. You always know what they like and no one else can make those favorited dishes the same way that you do. Not even them when they are old enough to make food. No matter how much they try they will never get close enough to the way you make their favorite dish. They may call and ask for the recipe but complain that it does’t taste the same. It’s your specialty.

You Can Do Anything
You are the master at multitasking. It is a full time job being a mom and you do it well. Somehow the household is kept in one piece keeping your children safe and warm. You cook, clean, drive, manage all aspects of keeping a household together, listen to their endless drama while providing wise advice, and you have the ability to find anything thats lost. There is nothing you can’t do. They appreciate you for that.

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