To-Do Lists That Are Worth Making Today

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A Reading List
Create a reading list of books you want to start reading and follow through. Plus it is a great conversation starter for you and a group of friends to share and combine lists.

A Shopping List
Start a shopping list of things to build up your wardrobe. This will help you make smart and worthwhile purchases when you are casually shopping. Update it seasonally and keep the list readily available to edit whenever necessary.

A Future Goal List
This is a great list to create because it will help you stay focused and on the track to making good choices. Make it for both personal and professional goals. Having goals is arguably the most important step to ensuring that we reach those goals. They can either be short or long term.

A Bucket List
Creating a bucket list is a fun way to set goals for yourself outside of the professional context. It can literally include anything and everything that you want and desire to do. You want to make a list of things that you can conquer. It’s a fun thing to add to your life making it more exhilarating.

A Travel List
Traveling is one of the most important things to do when you have the chance. If you have a list of place that you want to go, it will keep you motivated for saving money and getting to those places. Having something to look forward to is fun as well. Create a list filled with short trips and long trips to conquer.

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