10 Style Tips on How to Wear Socks Fashionably

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The weather is back to being chilly, so you don’t need to pack up your winter clothes yet. Following the layering trend which is the biggest thing this winter, socks are the cutest accessory that you can add to your winter fashion charts. The only danger is that you can very well end up looking childish or school girlish, especially if you don them over patterned skirts. However, we’ve got you the perfect style tricks that will give your knee socks that much-needed bit of maturity and oomph. Take a look.

Get yourself a pair of quirky, eye-catching socks that will add to your attire rather than stick out like a sore thumb. Also, keep your outfit minimal so that your socks stand out and gets the attention they deserve.

We all have those teeny skirts stacked up in the wardrobe, which we don’t wear because they are a tad too tiny. Socks are the perfect answer to wearing a short skirt and feeling comfortable too. Pair them with ankle-length boots for a balance look.

Black thigh-high socks and a floral toned skirt or dress makes for a great contrast. Wear ankle-length booties to add a chic element to your boho look.

Make denim shorts work for winter by adding these warm socks to your look. Add a cute hat and fold the socks to ankle-length to avoid looking like an eight-year-old on her way to school.

Add a warm wintery element to your breezy spring summer wardrobe with a pair of classy black socks paired with sneakers.

Boots and thigh-high socks have got to be the perfect match. Wear this look with your short skirts and breezy dresses. It’s a good idea to keep the socks in a neutral tone like black or grey to make sure that your outfit stands out too.

Plaids and socks are a difficult combination to work – given the school girl image that they give out. Make the look work for you with the right shoes. Booties are your best bet. Add some chunky accessories to balance the look.

Play around with a bright colour like marsala or bright pink or opt for textured sheer lace socks to add some oomph and variety to your look.

Thigh-high socks are perfect for a layered look, like this one.

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