10 Summer Beauty Tips for an Attractive Look

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Everyone wants to boast their looks in winter, fall, and spring. But nothing compares to doing so in summer.

Summer has so many things to offer that you’ll want to look your best at all times. You’ll learn how to care for your skin while learning new ways to improve your appearance.

Want to know more about what summer has to offer in terms of looks and how you can take the most out of it? Then come further and find out!

1. Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Sunscreen is useful whenever you go to a sunny place. Even in winter, sunscreen can be pretty helpful. Applying sunscreen will keep your skin from aging, will retain moisture and glow, reduces wrinkles, and prevents dryness or grease – all things that sun rays produce when you don’t wear protection.

The best way to wear sunscreen is to apply it at least 30 minutes before going out your door. This way you let the sunscreen dry out in your skin and get absorbed. You’ll be preventing more damage this way and reduce the amount of tan.

For SPF, we recommend nothing less than 30. This way you’ll stay protected for long and effectively. But if you are getting wet, then you’ll need to re-apply sunscreen at least every two or three hours or once it gets washed off your skin.

For the best results, it’s better to use gel sunscreen as it acts faster and prevents your skin from looking weird when you go out. Some gel sunscreens even come with their own moisturizers, offering a matte-like finish that looks cool and keeps your skin hydrated.

If you have a sensitive skin, it is necessary to choose a specific sunscreen for sensitive-skin.

2. Take Care of your Hair

You may don’t think too much about it, but your hair also gets damaged with intense sun rays that summer comes with. It doesn’t matter if you’re out at the mountains, beach, desert, or forest– the penetrating ultraviolet rays from the sun can get deep in your strands and scalp to produce damage.

Eventually, you start feeling your hair dry and sticky, sometimes greasy to the point of humid or just broken – all that is part of what the sun can do to your mane. If the problem gets critical, you may even experience hair falling off, which can be a daunting experience.

That’s why it is essential to take care of your hair, using either a hair mask or hairspray. Using the right shampoo is also necessary. This way you prevent your hair from getting frizzy or burnt, and instead get something that refreshes it, maintains moisture, and prevents the sun from damaging it all together.

3. Protect your Eyes & Lips

Your face has two delicate parts you need to take care the most in the summer, and those are your eyes and lips. If you want to look your best, you’ll have to protect them as well.

The skin around your eyes and the skin on your lips tend to be really fragile. Even the slightest sun exposure can damage them heavily. This produces dryness and grease, sometimes even deep burns marks you won’t be able to get rid of.

So it all comes down to using makeup products with SPF. Yes, it seems a little weird as it’s hard to find lip balms & foundations that offer this kind of protection, but it’s the only way you can protect eyes and lips from getting damaged.

This way you take sun protection to the next level and prevent dryness in your lips and damage in your eyes, both things you want to avoid to look your best eventually.

4. Use Weatherproof Product

When temperatures go up, and the environment feels humid but unrefreshing, your skin and hair start to act strangely. This causes makeup and other products to smudge, to feel too thick, or sometimes just to damage your skin & scalp. And of course, all this eventually makes you look bad.

To prevent these problems, we recommend using weatherproof products. From moisturizer to foundation, lip balm, hairspray, and even shadow or blush, you’ll need products that can stand difficult situations that arise with the summer.

Here you can go for light lotions, serums, things that are thin and don’t block your pores, products that are safe & healthy to use in hot areas. Everything you use in summer will have a significant effect on how you look. So stick to stuff that doesn’t hurt your skin when using in hot or muggy conditions.

5. Use Natural Products

Artificial products can be harmful, there’s no doubt about it. That’s the key reason why many people opt for natural products nowadays. And guess what? They are immensely better, especially in the summer with hot temperatures & really harsh sun rays.

So instead of wearing something direct from the makeup industry, you can use products that will not only prevent damage but soothe and improve how you look.

Lemon and tomato tend to be really helpful when it comes to adding freshness to your skin. They also help to eliminate impurities and prevent sun damage. Honey and pickles are also beneficial to get rid of skin marks. Many other natural products and extracts are also useful, so they are ideal to consider.

Each time you think of using a branded product, remember that you can instead apply something natural that doesn’t have any adverse effect on your skin. This way you’ll be looking fabulous without any side effect.

6. Eat Healthy Foods

Your diet is also essential to take into account in the summer. Eating the right food is critical for beautiful skin and hair. It also helps with your metabolism and adds to the moisture & refreshing layers of your body’s surface.

So make sure to eat well, especially things that will refresh your body. You can include fruits with lots of antioxidants, green vegetables, and with enough water content. Coconut water and vitamin C rich fruits are also fantastic for the summer. They make your skin strong and way healthier.

Juices of all kinds will help too, especially tomato, grapefruit, lemon, orange, green-leafy stuff, and more. And of course, don’t forget to drink at least 10 glasses of water daily. You’ll make your body healthier, more protected, and way more attractive when you eat & drink well.

7. Cleanse, Exfoliate & Moisturize

Forgetting about the essentials is never a good idea. That’s why you shouldn’t forget about cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin.

In the summer, your skin gets dry and greasy fast, it eventually produces more bacteria and gets filled with impurities. The solution for that is to cleanse more often, exfoliate at least twice a week, and moisturize once you’ve gotten rid of impurities.

We recommend adding a toner to your daily routine, especially at night before sleeping. Just take a shower, cleanse your face with the right product, use the toner and moisturize. Then every three days, you can exfoliate to get rid of excess grease and filths. Your skin will appreciate this, making you feel and look fantastic.

If you’re facing with dark spots, just add a bleaching cream to help better your skin tone.

8. Hygiene Is Critical

Using the right products, wearing sunscreen, protecting specific parts of your face, and eating well are all key to having beautiful and healthy skin in the summer. However, nothing would be enough if you aren’t hygienic with your body.

When temperatures rise, the climate gets dry and muggy, and when your skin starts to get greasy & dirty faster than before – it is the moment to start having more baths and washing more consistently. It will help your body look better, starting with your hair and skin.

Another benefit from being more hygienic in the summer is body odor. It’s common that hot temperatures create humid places in your body that are ideal for bacteria to grow. This causes awful smells and sometimes may even produce infections.

So bathe at least twice a day, wear more deodorant, brush your teeth consistently, don’t let your hair go greasy, and keep your face free of oil & dirt – all this will help to maintain your beauty and prevent unwanted results.

9. Wear Breathable Clothes

You don’t want to feel hot in the summer, especially when going out to places with no air conditioner. Instead, you want to feel fresh and as cozy as possible. So, instead of wearing thick artificial fabrics, you should stick to soft, gentle, light, and breathable cotton items.

This way you don’t only feel fresh and comfortable, you also prevent common problems that harsh clothing produces on your skin. Rashes, irritations, itches, and other conditions that could even cause infections are better prevented when you use light and breathable clothes.

In the process, you’ll look much more attractive by showing a little more skin. You’ll just feel and look way more amazing with the right clothes.

10. Enjoy the Sun!

It’s time to protect against the sun, but also to enjoy as much as possible. Sunlight is damaging when you don’t defend yourself, it’s true. But with just enough exposure with protective sunscreen, you can actually improve your mood by producing serotonin and making your skin look fantastic with a tanning effect.

Don’t let harsh sun rays make your summer boring. Instead, you should enjoy as much of it as possible. So get out there and get the best time of your life by following our advice to look your best without any damage. You won’t regret it!

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