3 Fashion Trends to Avoid If You Are a Short Girl, Check Their Alternatives

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Having a lack of vertical proportion in your frame can make you fashion choices a little tough. Here’s listing down a few trends that you should avoid as a short-height girl.

Being a short and petite girl means you are all bits of cute and adorable but having said that, dressing for your height can get a little tricky as you have to be very specific about your styling. Dressing a petite woman requires a little more thought than average-height women. While they are many trends that are all the rage on the internet but there is absolutely no reason for you to confer someone else’s idea of what is socially acceptable. Trends can definitely make you look more fashion forward but the whole point of catering to it becomes futile if it ends up making you look uncomfortable and disproportionate

Here’s listing a few trends that you should avoid if you are short-height girl

  1. Oversized Everything : Super baggy clothes are all big and bold this year but unfortunately this trend doesn’t work well with petite frame as it can end up making you look shorter. Petite styling is all about striking the right balance in your outfits. Instead of completely eradicating baggy fits, try teaming them with alternative fitted piece of cloth. For example, instead of wearing flared leg jeans with oversized jacket, pair a fitted bodysuit with flared jeans to look more balanced and taller. A fitted pair of jeans or long boots with oversized top-wear is a great way to draw the eyes on your legs and give an illusion of it looking taller.
  2.  Knee length Skirts & Dresses : Any dress or skirt that cuts you in between can given an optical illusion of stopping your height thereby, making you look short.  Instead of dorning the outfit that cuts your frame in half, choose lengths that are above your knees or till your ankle. (make sure it doesn’t hit the floor)
  3. Low-rise Jeans : Fashion repeats every few years and the early 2000’s were all about showing midriffs as much as possible, unfortunately this trend has made a comeback this year. Especially starting with cargo pants and skirts. This trend might look very chic when it comes to flaunting your belly button but sadly, it doesn’t help flattering a petite body. Low waist jeans can make your legs look shorter than they already are. Trade your low rise jeans with high rise and you will that your legs will look elongated thereby, making you look tall overall.

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