Struggling to make your nail paint last long? Here are a few easy tips

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Many women who love to keep their nails painted struggle to make them last longer. But why do people face this problem, and how can one handle it? Scroll down to know more.

Most women love to paint their nails because colours accentuate the beauty of their hands. Furthermore, a manicure keeps the hands and nails clean and healthy. However, many women struggle to make their nail paint last longer. But why do they face this problem, and how can one handle it? Scroll down to know more.

Easy tips to make nail pain last longer

Apply thin coats
Avoid making thick coats with nail paint because multiple layers could cause chipping. Thinner coats last longer.

Let the first coat dry naturally before applying the second layer
If you show a lack of patience, your nail paint won’t last long. Let the first layer dry completely before going for the second coat.

Pick a good quality chemical-free nail polish
A good quality/premium nail polish will last longer and keep your nails free from chemicals.

Avoid applying paint to the cuticles.
Do not apply paint to the cuticles. Instead, apply thin coats on the nail from the bottom to the tip.

Cool dry your nails
Let your nails dry naturally instead of using a hairdryer that releases warm/hot hair.

Keep your nails moisturised
It is essential to keep your nails and cuticles well moisturised. Dryness could cause chip formation and the paint to fall off.

Avoid longer nails
You may be fond of long nails, but those are more prone to collision with surfaces. On the other hand, shorter nails are easy to manage, and nail paints, too, in this case, are less exposed to foreign objects.

Guard your nails while doing household chores
Use a pair of rubber gloves while washing utensils or doing other domestic chores where the hands are directly exposed to water or chemicals. Thus, you can make the pain last longer by guarding your nails.

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