Going through a quarter-life crisis? Give this reading list a try

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Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps: How we’re different and what to do about it
It’s been a long journey in discovering more knowledge about the opposite sex. It is almost impossible to fully grasp what goes through the mind of the opposite sex, but this book will help you understand and put some of the pieces together. It is a fun read and provides some solid research when comparing the differences between men and women.

He’s just not that into you: The no-excuses truth to understanding guys
At this point in your life lots of dating, dumping and getting dumped is happening. This is a good read for your twenties. It will help you understand rather than beat yourself up for anything that has happened thus far in your love life. The advice that it gives you is straightforward, which is just why you’ll need.

Keep calm and read a book

20-something, 20-everything: A quarter0life woman’s guide to balance and direction
This book guides you through the “twenties triangle” which addresses all the questions you have when you are in search to find yourself and figure your life out. If you are in that stage of your life where focusing on yourself is the most important thing, then this book will actively help you achieve your goals. You will gain insight on women who went through exactly what you are going through. It will reveal great advice for you.

MWF Seeking BFF: My yearlong search for a new best friend
This book will teach you how to put yourself out there and make friends when you have moved to a new place with new faces. It will provide you with ideas of how to get out and indulge in the new city and making new friends. You’ll stop beating yourself up for not having enough friends in a brand new city.

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