Important Tips For Choosing Women’s Shirts To Wear To The Office

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As a working woman, a shirt as well as a blazer is a major investment. Shirts are important clothes for working women because they are flexible and can be matched with anything and are formal. What are the criteria for choosing the right shirt? Here are four tips for choosing women’s shirts.

Perfect size

A shirt that is the right size (not too small and not too big) is the most important thing. You will be active all day long, therefore the freedom of movement and comfort is needed.

If you hold your stomach all day while wearing the shirt, it means your shirt is too tight. When your body looks ‘drowned’. That means the shirt is too big. So, what are the criteria and size markers that fit on women’s shirts? When trying on a shirt in the store, pay attention to the buttons.

When buttoned, the edges of the button must be perfectly attached and not visible open. The shirt should also follow the curves of the body in the waist and back area. The shirt is too tight if you find it difficult to bend your arms or hug yourself. So make sure your shirt is the right size.

Avoid hanging shirts

The length of the shirt is important. Formal shirts should still cover your stomach and back when you raise your arms or after squatting and sitting.

Likewise with the position of the shirt when it is inserted into a subordinate skirt or pants. If too often out of the line of pants or skirts, it means that your shirt is too short.

Choose the Most Comfortable Material

Wearing all day activities, breathable and cool materials are important. Cotton is certainly the first choice. 100 percent cotton feels comfortable against the skin, strong, comfortable and easy to care for.

Cotton is comfortable, but sometimes its natural nature makes it easy to wrinkle. Even though at work you need to always look good. Rayon or Tencel can be an alternative material that is comfortable, cool, lightweight and does not wrinkle easily.

Pay attention to the ends of the sleeves and collar

When buying a long-sleeved shirt, make sure it has cuffs that make it easier for you to fold it when you need it. The length of the arm should be able to cover the wrist freely when the arm is bent or straight.

Shirt sleeves that are too short or too long will look awkward with your overall appearance. Don’t forget the collar area. The collar of the shirt will frame your face. When meeting face to face and having a conversation, the collar will be the first thing your outfit will show. A good collar certainly does not have a neck circumference that is too tight.

In addition, the collar must also look sturdy and straight with a layer of hardener inside. The sturdiness of your collar shows attention to detail in your dress and work.

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