Italian holidays in Florence

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The Italian holidays in Florence are an opportunity to spend a fun and unique time soaking up the culture. Florence offers a great deal from a point of view of art and culture with its museums and monuments famous all over the world, many of which you can admire freely walking the streets and squares of the city. During the day you can take Florence tours of various kinds stopping at one of the many restaurants for a typical Tuscan lunch, or in the shops for a sandwich with the excellent Tuscan salami. You can enjoy the shade of the most famous landmarks in the world, accompanied by a glass of fine Chianti wine.

One of the most delicious foods especially suitable for the summer that can be found in all areas of the city is the ice cream, which in Florence is a true cult. For those who love ice cream Florence offers excellent ice cream shops open until late at night, this food is particularly pleasant to consume in summer for the sense of freshness that you experience eating it.

If you do not want to spend the day in the streets and squares of Florence, the city offers beautiful gardens and parks, monuments and pleasant to visit to Boboli or Bardini garden from which you can observe excellent views. Another garden that is worth seeing is the park of Villa Demidoff, located about ten kilometers from Florence, the beauty and richness of this place can not be described with writing such is its majesty.

For those who want to immerse themselves in the most unspoiled nature, a few kilometers from the city begins the beautiful Tuscan countryside of hills, rivers, lakes and forests where you can enjoy tranquility and fresh air away from the bustling city life of Florence.

The countryside around Florence is very popular with tourists from all over the world with its cottages, its typical landscapes and villages that follow one another. Here you can find plenty of artistic and historical evidence of the glorious past of this area of ​​Tuscany. In these areas there are also many restaurants and food stores and typical Tuscan products, including the famous Tuscan specialties such as cured meats, cheeses, desserts and wines of the Chianti area.

The Italian holidays in Florence are not limited to the hours of the day, even at night Florence offers a lot to tourists who want to have fun.

The nightlife in Florence begins in the early hours of the evening, when you crowd the local aperitif time, both in the center and in other areas there are many places where you can eat cold or hot food, drinking fine wines or cocktails of each kind.

Continuing in the evening historic squares become a meeting point for tourists and residents, with plenty of locals to drink any kind of alcoholic drink until late at night without any particular time restrictions. For those who love music you are not lacking places to go, there are interesting bands for young people, for those who love to dance there are places in the center, and then in the other areas of the city there are clubs where you can dance and meet people from all races and cultures.

Even for those who are morning people, there are particular premises fill only late at night and remain open until morning and where you can consume alcoholic beverages of any kind without time limits. When you exit these nightclubs, bars are already open and you can make great breakfasts with the famous pastries still warm from the oven.

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