Enjoying the Simplicity of a Grand Bahamas Island Vacation

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The Bahamian islands have blossomed into a proverbial Garden of Eden, alluring thousands of visitors to their white-washed shores, duty-free shops, fishing and scuba diving excursions and luxurious resort lifestyle.

The families that flock here often enjoy the lavish mega resorts, but this diverse island chain also offer a range of activities away from the hotel zone: Nature enthusiasts explore the offshore reefs and wildlife preserves; golf lovers tee up on the numerous par-72 courses; even bargain hunters patrol the marketplaces for the best duty-free deals. No wonder the Bahamas islands have become popular destinations in the Caribbean.

Though this island chain consists of more than 700 islands and cays, most visitors’ tend to think of visiting Nassau, the largest city of the Bahamas. Here, the twinkling casinos and upscale resorts make strange bedfellows with American Civil War history and pirate lore. However, the second most popular island is also the most northwest: Grand Bahamas Island, home to bustling Freeport and a center of ecotourism with its underwater limestone caves and botanical gardens. For travelers looking to easily drop off the grid and enjoy a simpler way of life, Grand Bahamas Island is the place to visit.

The best time to visit the Bahamas is during the off-season, which is generally from May to November. The off-season also tends to be the cheaper and rooms are easier to get.  During the off-season the weather in the Bahamas stays relatively consistent, with temperatures rarely dipping below 60 degrees. Average high temperatures from December to May range in the high 70s to low 80s. The rainy season occurs between May and November, with the hurricane season starting in June and ending in early November. Despite all the rain predictions, the Bahamas see more than 300 days of sunshine every year. Travelers don’t need to worry too much about hurricane’s hitting the Bahamas, although they do occur it’s fairly infrequent.

If you like to lie back on a beach or jump up to a reggae dancehall beat, Grand Bahamas Island is the vacation destination for you.  For many, the numerous white- and pink-sand beaches and the bright blue Caribbean Sea make up the main attractions; allowing visitors to walk the beach during the day and enjoy a midnight stroll along the magnificent sea of the Caribbean.

Regardless of when you choose to go and what you want to do while there, be sure to contact a qualified travel agent who specializes in Bahamas Vacation Packages. They will help ensure that your trip is planned and turns out to be the vacation you dreamed of.

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