Protect Your Hands From Looking Aged Out

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Nothing reveals aging more than dry, wrinkly, spotted hands. Your hands are very vulnerable to aging if you are not active about taking care of them. Below are a few things you can do to prevent the skin on the back of your hands to get loose, develop age spots, or visible veins.

Protect your hands from sun damage
I think this is the number one important thing you should take into consideration when
rejuvenating your hands. The sun is what causes aging spots and wrinkly skin. It is important to lather on a hand cream with an SPF of at least 15 on the back of your hands because they are constantly exposed to the sun. Do this daily not just when you are going to the beach. Protect those hands from the sun!

Dry skin is the culprit to aging skin. Moisturizing your hands will restore hydration in your skin and repair the skin barrier. Same thing goes for your face. It is very important to moisturize.

Use gloves to wash dishes
When washing dishes the harsh chemicals form the soap that you are using can do damage to your skin because they are alkaline and they are used to dissolve dirt and grease from your pans. Meaning that they are too harsh for your skin and can potentially do damage in the future.

Chose a gentle handsoap
Like dish wash soap can do damage to your skin. So can harsh hand soaps that you may be using. Use a more gentle hand soap because harsh liquid soaps strip away the oils from your skin and causes dry cracking of the skin. You need a hand soap that has more gentle ingredients.

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