Raising A Man Of Chivalry

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This world today needs men who embrace chivalry. There are far too many men in the world who are being raised in a culture where treating women like sex objects or social equals unworthy of consideration are acceptable. Bringing chivalry back requires a little help from the parents as well. Therefore we have provided a list of things you can teach your son about being chivalrous below:

Offer up your seat
Teach him that when he is on a train, meeting, class, or crowded subway, a sign of respect is to give up his seat. It is important for him to be aware of his surroundings and to not allow an elderly person, women or a person worthy of respect to stand in the situation. It is an easy act of respect that really speaks to people.

Call, don’t text
It is so common today for young men and women to communicate everything through texting and never actually converse. Especially with the various dating sites that exist now, young men do not realize the importance and meaning of calling a young woman to ask her out on a date. They need to learn that despite the way technology has taken over. Teach him to call a girl and ask her out. It will put them ahead of the competition because it shows they care.

Be sure your son knows how to compliment and young lady. There is nothing better than a gentlemen who knows how to express to his woman that she is beautiful.

Open doors for the girl
This act is a staple of respect. It is so simple to open a door for someone. Teach him the idea of chivalry behind opening doors and how women will appreciate the fact that they acknowledged the idea of respect. Women love a chivalrous man, since it has become a rare thing.

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