The best jeans to shop now and wear for seasons to come

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Denim has come a long way from being just the ‘weekend only’ kind of wardrobe staple.

Now available in all different shapes and styles, we’re reaching for our jeans when getting dressed up just as much as when we’re dressing down.

Wondering which jean styles to invest in for spring? We’ve rounded-up all of the best jean trends to shop now, from wide-leg to sustainable styles…

Wide-leg jeans

Don’t be put off by the name, wide leg jeans don’t have to be super wide. This cut makes a great off-duty jean for weekends when worn with a roll-neck under an oversized shirt.

Pair with your trusty trainers for now, but get ready to swap them out for a pair of Birkenstocks come summer.

Flared jeans

The 70s called and they want their flares back. This surprisingly wearable style keeps denim looking super chic, and not to mention, extremely flattering too.

Slim-fit jeans

Slim-fit jeans appeal to the effortless Parisian chic look we’re all after. It’s worth investing in a mix of colours and shades when you find your perfect pair of this trusty style.

Sustainable denim jeans

Many brands are wising up to the fact that we want style and sustainability from our denim. Feel better about your next purchase by choosing a pair of jeans that deliver on quality as well as doing better for the planet.

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