4 Things You Should Stop Believing About Alcohol

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When it comes to alcohol and drinking, there is a lot of misinformation about the topic. Here are a few things that you should stop believing about drinking and alcohol in general.

Vodka soda is the best alcoholic drink for when you’re on a diet
This may be partly true but it is not the only option, so don’t limit yourself to just this. You can always order rum and diet coke (90 calories) or tequila with seltzer and lime (100 calories).

Mezcal is made from mescaline
According to the Director of Brand Education for Pernod Richard USA, “There are no psychotropic components in mezcal. It is the distillate made from the Maguey plant, a closer relative to a lily than a cactus. Truly, no connection.”

Tequila and mescal are similar
They may both be made from agave, but are made differently, produced in different regions of Mexico and taste completely different. Tequila is smooth and sharp, whereas Mezcal has a smoky and earthy taste, which suits more to whisky drinkers rather than tequila drinkers.

You can get a different kind of drunk from different kinds of drinks
Who hasn’t heard someone say “Tequila makes my clothes fall off” or that people like having a beer drunk better? The belief that different alcohols have a different impact on our behaviors is peer psychosocial, meaning it’s all in your head. Different alcohols do have different alcohol content which mean you’ll feel different after drinking less of some and more of others.

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