Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Travel

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You often times year about what you should do when you travel the world, but how often do you hear the things you shouldn’t do? Not very often right? People forget to mention the things you shouldn’t do to save money, time and other cool opportunities. There are some common travel mistakes that you should try to avoid in order to maximize your travels. Begin traveling smarter with these few tips.

Don’t Use A Bank Card With Fees
When traveling try and get a bank or credit card with no foreign transaction fees in order to avoid ATM fees or other surcharges. You can try Capital One for the simplest no-foreign-transaction-fee credit card. Just check with your local bank and seek out the best option for you.

Don’t Avoid Travel Insurance
During the time that you are booking all of your travel adventures, you are most likely trying to avoid paying for the extra expense of travel insurance, thinking nothing will happen and that will go smoothly. This is a bad idea! Do not skip out on paying for travel insurance, because you never know what is going to happen. You can lose your expensive camera or get physically hurt, anything can happen really. Travel insurance will protect you for medical and non medical emergencies when you are overseas. If you opt out on travel insurance and something happens to you, you could end up paying for thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. No one wants to do that, so next time you plan your travel adventures abroad, really consider travel insurance.

Don’t Eat At Huge Tourist Sites
Reason being for this don’t is because food near any major attraction is double the price and half the flavor. Restaurants don’t focus on quality because they know people won’t be coming back. Plus, they know tourists really don’t know about what is quality when they are traveling to a new place anyway. If you go to the non touristy areas, restaurants will be of more high quality because they have to be. If they aren’t, the locals will stop going there and they will lose out on business. Touristy places will always have new people coming in and out so they don’t have to worry about quality.

Don’t Opt Out On Hostels
When people think of hostels, they usually think of smelly, bedbug-ridden facilities for poor college students. Hostels may have a a bad stereotype because of the olden days, but hostels now-a-days are cleaner than most hotels. They offer many amenities ranging from pool tables, laundry facilities, computers, organized tours and more.

Don’t Take Taxis
This is where a lot of your money goes. Taxi’s are way overpriced, so try your best to just use public transportation unless you are splitting the fare with other people or are trying to get home from a late night out.

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