Tips for Surviving a Summer Pregnancy

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It’s hard to imagine the struggles of being pregnant in the summer when you find out you have a bun in the oven in Winter. Pregnant mamas are bound to get really hot due to extra blood flow causing higher body temperatures, which we all know is very uncomfortable. On top of that they are packing on the extra pounds trying to feed two people. If you are one of those ladies who did the deed around the end of fall/beginning of winter, read the list of tips to help you stay cool this summer

Reduce your sodium intake
This will help you help your body prevent swelling. Although, you shouldn’t completely eliminate it because it contains iodide that is important for the health of your little baby.

Take your rings off
Your fingers are the first place that swell and heat won’t help the matters. So take your rings off in order to avoid having to have them be cut off.

Go for a swim
This will not cool you off for a significant amount of time but it will help you take the pressure off of the sciatic nerve because you will feel weightless.

Use damp washcloths
Use lots of damp washcloths on your neck and forehead to bring your body temperature down a little.

Go to other air conditioned places to get out of the house
Instead of being bored at your air conditioned house, just go take a trip to the movies or mall where it is air conditioned.

Drink Fluids
Drink lots of water, at least the recommended amount as well as sip on some sports drinks, milk and orange juice to replace electrolytes that you are sweating away.

Breathable Clothing
When shopping for maternity clothes, stick to light colored options as well as lightweight clothing like cotton and linen. This will help you keep cool and prevent h

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