When to Use a Flight Delay Claims Management Company?

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Unless, the delay or cancellation was unavoidable, passengers are well within their rights to claim compensation from the airline for the mental stress and inconvenience the airline put them through by delaying or cancelling the flight.

The real reason why airlines delay paying claims

The margins on air travel are very thin. So airlines would rather not pay any compensation to their customers, if they can avoid it. They have purposely made the claim process difficult, so that passengers feel harassed and ultimately drop their claims.

It may sound incredulous, but airlines actually want passengers to stop contacting them with claims because they know it will hit their profits. Airlines also reject complaints with the hope that the passenger will not pursue the case further.

If your flight has been delayed or worst case scenario, cancelled, you should contact the airline and ask that they return your money. When you do this, the airline will entangle you in so much bureaucratic red tape that at the end of it, you would think twice before you contact an airline again to claim refunds or compensation.

What to do in this case?

Your best option would be to contact a flight delay claims management company. Many passengers find that taking the help of a flight delay claims management company is the most efficient way to get money from the airlines. Others turn to flight compensation claims management companies when they are not able to get a response from the airline. If you want to claim flight delay compensation, your best bet might be a flight delay claims management company. Here are some more instances where you might have to take their help.

The airline has cited a ‘technical problem’ as the reason for flight delay or cancellation

The Supreme Court recently ruled that airlines cannot claim ‘technical problems’ as extraordinary circumstances, to delay a flight or cancel it (Jet2.Com Limited v Huzar). This means, if your airlines is refusing to refund your ticket or pay you compensation due to this reason, they are in the wrong and you deserve to be paid. In such a case, you can contact a flight compensation claims company to pursue your case.

If you do not have time to pursue your case yourself but still want your money back

Most people who travel by flights work full time and they do not have time to pursue their case with the airline. The airline also knows this and tries to delay the case as much as possible, so that the passenger becomes exasperated and gives up. Most flight delay claims management companies work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. This means, they get paid, only if you get refunded or if you win compensation. You can therefore concentrate on your work, while the flight compensation claims management company pursues your claim with the airline.

You have done all you could but the airline won’t listen to you

If you have done your best to get your point across to the airline, but you feel the airline is trying to avoid you or delay the process, then it is a good idea to contact a flight delay claims management company. These companies are aware of the underhand tactics that airlines use to cheat their passengers and they know how to work around them. It is also possible that you don’t know how to file a claim (the process is complex, remember) and you need professional help. In all these cases, you can claim flight delay compensation through such companies.

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