How Travel Changes You

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“To travel is to take a journey into yourself” – Danny Kaye

As the above quote says, traveling is a journey not from one place to another, but to find your inner self. Travel teaches you some things which can’t be taught by a book.

Discovering your “Self”:

Who are you? Are you an engineer working hard for your company? A doctor struggling to get a solution for your patients answers? Or have just become stuck in day-to-day life? The answer is No! You are a free spirit whose only form is happiness. Travel gives you the time to discover your true self. It teaches you to find answers to the questions you are afraid of thinking. It widens your horizons and makes you think more openly about your life.

Confidence Boost:

Travel acts as a confidence booster. Whether it may be deciding which route you take or what airlines you choose to travel or choices of food, when it comes to travel the outcome will sometimes depend on the decisions you’ve made. Whatever may be the outcome of these decisions; your confidence will be boosted. Remember the more you travel, you become wiser!

New Vision:

Sometimes you don’t find answers to your questions because; you look at it in a predefined way. To get a solution; you need to find a new way to look at it. Travel provides a new vision to overlook your situation. There comes a time when you are alone, sitting at a quiet place, away from home; thinking about your life and yes! You find a new way of seeing things.

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