Discover the Wonders of Nature at These 4 Natural Australian Ecosystems

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Comprising the island of Tasmania, the mainland of Australian Continent and several small islands, Australia is an Oceania country. With its iconic array of man-made treasures and natural wonders, the landscape of this country grabs more attention than most of the other developed countries. From tropical rainforests to wild marshlands, crystalline beaches, rugged mountains and dazzling metropolitan cities, this country is bestowed with a limitless list of fine terrains. Australia tour packages offer a great opportunity to all travellers to explore its unmatched terrains in the most expedient way.

Apart from being well-known for its incredible scenic beauty, this country is also noted for its artistry, dance, music and theatres. Thus, its museums and cultural sites are worth checking out with an Australia tour package. Vibrant nightlife, pulsating pub culture and delightful shopping markets add a new dimension to tour to this nation. When it comes to adventures and fun activities, this place is no lesser than other destinations. From diving deep into the sea to surfing on beaches and climbing great mountain ranges, all can be enjoyed by travellers here.

It is also a home to large number of national parks that should not to be missed out, some of the prominent ones have been listed below.

Great Barrier Reef

Larger than Switzerland, Holland and the United Kingdom, this ecosystem is considered as the largest living structure on the planet. From deep oceanic waters to shallow estuarine regions, it is so large that it is visible from outer space also. Stretching 2300 km, this region is a home to unique range of colourful reefs and a wide variety of ecological communities. This one of the most complex ecosystems of the world is worth visiting with Australia tour packages.

Kakadu National Park

Extending from the estuaries and coasts in the north to rocky ridges in the south, this region is the largest terrestrial park of the nation. Within its 20000 sq km area, there lives a wide range of endemic and rare species of plants and animals that comprise nearly one-third of the bird species and about one-quarter of the estuarine species of the region. This place of enormous biological and ecological diversity is listed as a World Heritage Area and is worth exploring with Australia holiday packages.

Christmas Island National Park

Often referred to as Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, this is a place of picturesque natural beauty, where millions of unique flora and fauna find their shelter. It is one of the significant sea bird breeding sites in the world. This ecosystem protects some of the unique rainforests, wetlands and tens of millions of red crabs.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Rising several of metres out of the Central Australian Desert, Uluru and Kata Tjuta are the magnificent red domes and rock structures. Though located in a desert environment, this landscape is a home to great number of animals and plants. About 400 species of plants and surprising number of animal species are found in this region. This unique desert ecosystem is something that one cannot afford to miss with an Australia tour package.   

All these 4 unique ecosystems inspire wonder and awe in all people who witness them during their tour to this nation.

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